What’s the Difference Between a Dietician and a Nutritionist?

Maintaining good health while trying to balance a career, family and other life responsibilities can be challenging. Unfortunately,suffering from illness, disease and other health concerns has become quite common. However, if you are looking to improve your health and find a diet that works with your lifestyle, then a good Nutritionist in London, UK, is the best place to start your health journey. Navigating the wellness world can be confusing and finding a professional that fits your needs can be a challenge.. Both nutritionists and dieticians are involved in dietary and diet supplements that can affect your body.  But the title cannot be used interchangeably.

If youare wondering who you should trust for nutritional advice, then this guide will be helpful to you!



Dietitians are those professionals who are experts in diet-specific programs. Dietitians are more concerned with diet and the impact it can have on a person’s health. Dietitians will commonly work with the clients to manage their nutrition based on their individual goals and their medical condition. A registered dietitian has to complete a bachelor’s degree to get the certificate, and then he needs experience from an accredited healthcare facility. Finally, there is a national exam that is to be cleared. A further dietician must meet the professional education requirements every year to maintain the certificate.

The dietitians generally have to work in the food service or as a part of a team in clinics, hospitals, etc. They are sometimes even employed by universities where they can research, teach or address public issues about nutrition and diet.


A nutritionist is any professional who provides general nutritional advice. The job role of a nutritionist is a lot similar to that of a dietician. However, they have a wide variety of roles. Typically, nutritionists are concerned with finding the root cause of an illness and trying to heal the body using nutrition and lifestyle changes. Depending on the nutritionist, they can create  a proper diet plan for helping the client with health and nutrition management.Nutritionists also deal with nutritional behaviors and working with clients to find solutions to change those behaviors..

Whom to Consider?

No matter what sort of health concern you are facing, a nutritionist is a great place to start. For those facing difficulty losing weight due to a medical condition then you can consider the support of a good  Weight Loss Nutritionist for expert support. Visiting a nutritionist is helpful to find a long term solution to losing weight. If your weight  is impacting your health severely, a nutritionist can evaluate those health concerns as well  Additionally, nutritionists can help you with your nutrition if you are struggling with digestion distress, chronic fatigue, an autoimmune disease, hormone imbalancePCOS weight gain, and more.

You can search for a Nutritionist in London, UK, to find those professionals who will be qualified enough to provide you with the required support. But remember making a decision between the two professionals can always be tough. It is your specific needs and the services you are hoping for that will help you decide on the professional who will offer you customized services. Researching and analyzing the experience of the professionals will help you decide the best.

No matter whether youvisit a good nutritionist or a dietitian, you must be clear about the specific health goals you are hoping to get support for. 

Get The Professional Help

If you have been searching for a Nutritionist in London, UK, then you can consider scheduling an appointment with Morgan Foster Nutrition. As a Nutritional Therapist, Morgan focuses on finding the root cause of any symptom or illness. Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all, and Morgan will work with you to create achievable short and long term goals. She will create nutrition and lifestyle plans that are sustainable, achievable and work with your life. Whether you are planning to lose weight or suffering from a diagnosis, Morgan Foster is prepared to work with you to find a plan that works for you. . 

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